The Wizard of Us Foundation

The Wizard of Us Foundation was created as a Federal Canadian Corporation in the year 2000.

Initially, I had designed this corporate entity or platform to spread unequivocal knowledge related to pure and enlightened consciousness to reach everyone and eventually increase consciousness on a global level. I had to be patient, very patient before I could anticipate results. As a consequence, life-changing events and experiences in my life allowed me to bring this life long project to fruition. Finally, I’ve managed to write a 2400 pages collection in multiple volumes entitled “The Wizard of Us II”, or “The Sole Purpose” designed to give the ability to reach and attain higher consciousness and enlightenment. For those of you who wish to fund my life project, the foundation has been designed to realize this objective. As an additional incentive, the Wizard Of Us Foundation (a charity) is presently in the process IN 2020 of obtaining a tax exemption number for sponsors, donators, and supporters.

In essence, the goal of this foundation is to broadcast real unbiased information and knowledge concerning the evolution of consciousness on Earth. This non-profit organization’s objective will bring fundamental knowledge to everyone ultimately reaching remote areas on Earth. Universal energy descending on Earth and taking the form of what I call “Knowledge of Light” is there for everyone to harness. The publication of these volumes encompassing 2400 pages is the first step towards the advent of a transformed society, a continuation of the evolution of mankind and eventually a complete renewal of our civilization. This is our destiny, we have no other choice.

In addition, membership cards of THE WIZARD OF US FONDATION will eventually be available and will allow it’s members to benefit from extraordinary discounts on a wide array of services provided by other corporate members. Membership cards will also allow you to attend conferences, workshops, private and group meetings, conference-meals and even thematic cruises focused on enlightenment and all at discount prices.
The foundation will eventually support and fund young creative artists, inventors and conscious beings who are trend-setters in their own field of activity. A scientific exploration department along with a whole section devoted to musical and artistic talents will be launched as well. Creativity will be the prevailing factor in all artistic and scientific fields. A committee of elected conscious individuals will supervise all financial support and funding mechanisms for such undertakings and projects. GLOBAL HEALTH is on our agenda.
We are presently in pre-production stages to create a DVD and Audio Books project and/or streaming website to promote higher consciousness facilitating “Knowledge of Light” by visual means. A series of weekly and monthly conferences AND WORKSHOPS will be organized allowing live and real time communication between participants and the author.

Eventually, there is a real possibility that the material contained in these volumes might be utilised by a multitude of institutions and conscious driven organizations gaining academic recognition from high school to universities and achieving post-doctorate level of education.
Whether it is theosophical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, scientific or at metaphysical levels, this volume collection will be widely distributed, a direct consequence of the foundation’s efforts in promoting it’s content. The level of the “Knowledge of Light” expressed in these volumes will eventually find all readers that are meant to benefit from it’s world wide exposure.
Thanks to the support of people who want to further global consciousness on earth, the foundation will prosper and succeed in reaching it’s goal.


The mission of the foundation

The mission of the foundation is to disseminate real information relating to the evolution and development of human beings in general. In addition to subsidizing the most effervescent inventors and scientific minds in society, the foundation will promote the creativity of artists and researchers in the field of global health.

The foundation will commit to donating part of the income generated by its activities, among others, to charitable organizations such as those located in the Dominican Republic to relieve human suffering in this country and elsewhere.

We are studying the possibility of creating a wellness center at and elsewhere to offer solutions to improve precarious health conditions with the help of innovative cutting-edge technologies. 

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