Summertime is ideal for us to really benefit

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Welcome to my friends and readers,

Summertime is ideal for us to really benefit from our well-deserved vacation. Summer holidays imply potentially initiatic situations. When planning them, one should be cautious to make sure that they will unfold as planned. It is imperative that all of this unfolds accordingly with our inner wishes and our hopes.

When we relax, we should be able to recuperate the vital energy that has been subtly taken away from us by the constraints of life. While on vacation, we all have a tendency to decompress without dosing the rate of recovery. At that time, the level of accepting limits could be brought so low that we do this unwillingly without realizing it. Our guard is then down. Make sure that you do not lower it too much.

When we are trying to keep our level of consciousness and awareness at a leak level, or when we particularly focus on a specific event, this means that we are really putting our mind into watching out for any potential nuisance that could affect our experience.

When we rest, many of us have a tendency of underestimating life itself, which in turn only wants to test us and put us in an odd situation. Prudence is a must.

When alcohol flows, because we want to celebrate Summer with friends, our mental faculties can be impaired, thus leading to awkward, stressing and even embarrassing situations. Moreover, fatigue, including mental tiredness, can be at the base of conditions where the entities of the astral world will take the advantage of the opportunity to insert themselves in our life.

When we say that we were driven to use words that were too strong and that went beyond our thoughts, we really are forced to express thoughts that normally should not have gone out. The only thing is that what we call “our thoughts”, do not belong to us as they have not been manufactured by us, but by a force controlled by an invisible realm only wanting to dominate us.

Summer should be a happy time because weather conditions are often at their best. Know how to really profit from those precious moments that life offers us. Use them wisely to really fill up your soul and your own Spirit which is totally different from your mind. Make sure that your body receives what it deserves without ever giving it the total control of choices based on the unspoken desires of your ego. 

Due to the current world situation, most of us will probably a quieter summer than normal. As you know, the confinement imposed following the emergence of COVID-19 combined with the drastic economic situation will have an impact on most of us.


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