Cruises and Consciousness from Oct-Nov. 2020

Cruises and Consciousness from Oct-Nov. 2020

Is there something that is more pleasant than an ocean cruise, in the Caribbean islands or on another waterway where we can glide along with our consciousness.

The evolution of each person takes all sorts of forms. The initiation in which we find ourselves is at times painful and at other times energizing. In any case, reading documents about consciousness is interesting, attending conferences is stimulating, but if we add the pleasure and the setting of a vacation, in my view, this becomes the ideal situation.

This is why I propose you to participate in workshops and conferences within the environment of a cruise. The destination will not only be a physical one, but will also be to reach a harmony-Us (harmonious) state of mind. No more than 25 to 50 people per cruise will have the opportunity to team their vacation with their personal evolution and the bettering of their consciousness.

I offer you a unique occasion to benefit from my presence so we all can learn together. Each day we will meet and I will elaborate on various chosen topics. The first part of the conference will last one hour, and will be followed by a question and answer period favouring discussion. We will be sharing, communicating and integrating our own experiences.

Morning conferences will kick off the day, after which your time belongs to you to fully benefit from your vacation. Excursions may be organized to visit either archaeological sites or sites of interest when we anchor for a while.

Cruises and traveling in general are an excellent occasion to enrich our mind, and fill up of soul with memories to cherish. It equally a source of relaxation that favours the integration of consciousness. Our cruises will glide across the smooth waters of the fluidity of our essence, allowing new discoveries and the chance to make new friends.

All we know is that we attract events that leave an lasting impression in our life. Only you can decide to participate in an activity which will further your evolution and leave a positive trace in your life experience.

We’ve all heard of The Love Boat type of cruise, but now it is time for


If you are interested in conquering your own Everest, since I never rest, please advise my team as soon as possible to reserve your cabin for this adventure of a lifetime. Number of attendees is limited.

Cruises foreseen for next Oct.-Nov. 2020.

All details in "Events" page of our website.

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