After the Launch of the French version “Les pouvoirs de la magie sienne” – The Morning After

After the Launch of the French version “Les pouvoirs de la magie sienne” – The Morning After

As an author, having succeeded in bringing into the world a work that contains a resume of the essence of my consciousness. The waiting period was not too difficult to go through given the fact that on numerous occasions I received a helping hand from my friends and close ones.

Several hundred collections found their own reader. They will have ahead of them many hours of reading that will fulfill their soul and their mind. I am awaiting with enthusiasm my first criticisms which, I know, will be savory. It is a small step for mankind but a quantum leap for consciousness.

Future conferences will be given at a rhythm defined by public response. In the last six months, I gave a few conferences in preparation for the launch. My unique vision must have inclined some of you to come to this official launch event. For those who were there on the 24th of May, I hope that it met your expectations. Nevertheless, I did not want to give away too much of the contents of the book by revealing precious information which has to be discovered by you while reading it.

Now that the French book is written and available in a paper form, the time has come to give you more information and to go deeper with further explanations. Those who bought the French book are now allowed to come to conferences reserved for them. If they are moved by the contents of the book, they will need to go deeper and receive along with me new information from which we will all benefit. I will be able to provide you with an exceptional tool that will become indispensable for your evolution.

We will see what the future holds for us. I know that I have fulfilled my mandate which was to bring a new consciousness through my own experience so we all have a better comprehension of life itself.

Those who have specific questions arising from reading my work can either send them to me through this website, or discuss them during any conference, or in a private interview via Skype.

When a sufficient number of readers will have favorably responded to the new ideas proposed, a chain reaction should be provoked reaching as many people as possible who are able to integrate this information. I remain open to all comments and criticisms, but my real reward will be when I see your amazed eyes and your glowing face.

It will be my pleasure to help you in your own quest. 

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