Original Book Launch May 24 2015

Original Book Launch May 24 2015

The long awaited moment has finally arrived! After considerable effort, the materialization of Knowledge contained in this vulgarized work has finally taken form. Life should be easy. However, it remains a theory which pleases the ego, not the the Spirit. In reality, the retarding forces which are fully deployed to maintain the human condition in its status quo, do everything to prevent consciousness from definitely settling on this planet.

The forces of cohesion are powerful and constant, so this battle must be won by the forces of light. Opposition can only strengthen our real Will to manifest our inner force. In spite of all their strategies, the retarding forces were unable to delay an inevitable expiration.

The 18,000 hours needed to materialize this collection only confirm the determination and perseverance that have always animated me. Having invested much time and money, I realize that everything created in matter has a cost. I understand that, although affordable, the price of this collection may not be within everyone’s means 

The value of any book must be decided by the reality of the information it contains, and the effort of the author who rendered it. In the case of my book, The Wizard of Us II or The Sole Purpose, the price corresponds to the energy exchange between you and I, calculated from an evolutionary optic.

Many novels, news and contemporary books only provide distraction, but do not help the reader to attain a greater maturity of Spirit.   Entertainment serves only to calm the soul, with focus on shallow subjects. The reader passes through a range of emotions giving to the soul the illusion of living the impression. Certain works can be so fascinating, that they capture undue attention putting emphasis on everything that hooks the ego.

It is important to relax in life and light reading is part of that. We have to know the relative importance of our down time and the necessity to take a break that is revitalizing 

Once we realize that an evening out at an expensive restaurant, a round of golf with friends at the club, or a mundane afternoon out, can be very expensive, so why not put that same investment in a unique collection which is justified because it lasts a lifetime:



It will be the best investment you’ve ever had the chance to make! Your life experience will be altered. You will be propelled into an accelerated consciousness, pushing your evolution to a degree you had never imagined.

These volumes will give everyone who takes the time to read through their pages the possibility to stride over the portal of their evolution to make the quantum leap to the threshold of their consciousness. When you buy the second book, you get the first one free and you make the first step towards your unconditional freedom.

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