The Search for Happiness : Illusion or Reality?

The Search for Happiness : Illusion or Reality?

One of the most fundamental points concerning all conscious beings evolving on Earth is that, in general, they are all searching for happiness. What is happiness? Is it a state of mind that can become permanent? Is it universal and the same for everyone? Happiness could be defined as an inner feeling that satisfies the needs of our ego. 

One can find true happiness where another will be totally devastated, although they are experiencing the same chain of events. Happiness is a temporary condition because it cannot last forever. The quest for happiness is thus an illusion carefully maintained by our society. In turn, those precepts are carefully introduced in our mind by the astral world to maintain their grasp on us.

Unconscious beings are searching for happiness because of their profound desire to constantly bathe in a sentiment of complaisance and blind confidence in life. They want to abandon themselves in an endless feeling of wellbeing. They wish that they would not have to work to maintain this emotive condition. If they could, they would rather remain in a form of stasis where they could receive and benefit from all situations fulfilling their greatest desires. Happiness can only be maintained for a short while. And, even if in this mental state we feel good, we have to know that there will always be someone or something that will knock down our sand castles and walk all over them.

To make us evolve, life will use everything at its disposal. We engage ourselves in a constant battle to try to maintain an equilibrium with the forces at work in our precarious environment. They intervene at the level of our health, finances, family, and we experiment global disaster. It is disconcerting how some people seem to be favored by destiny. Our first impression often gives us the illusion that everything seems to be easy for them, but a closer look shows a different reality. At first sight, we do not have enough information to realize the magnitude of a specific condition eluding us. Most of the time, the people we envy are the only ones aware of the hidden aspects of their life. We all can have, in appearance, a dream life, but obligations linked to those lives like maintaining appearances can be a burden.

Happiness and its opposite pole, adversity, come from the same emotional state and from a sentiment depending on experimenting life.

Those who are more conscious do not search for happiness, knowing that it is one of the traps that the astral world mirrors in our mind. To reach inner peace, they must attain a balance that, once manifested, is permanent. People who are at ease with themselves naturally feel fulfilled. They almost cannot be destabilized. To do so, life will have to use heavy artillery. Real happiness is for someone to be able to go back to his primal vibration, even after suffering a big shock.

When a being becomes conscious, the more he is evolved, the more he possesses an internal Knowledge that brings him inner peace. One does not have to go very far to let desire invade him or control him, or to succumb to the curiosity of his ego. Otherwise, life will feel like a yoyo, being thrown up and down, the person reaching happiness only to lose it a few moments later.

Those who remain inactive in their life, which is always trying to infuse them with new experiences, miss a real opportunity to evolve. They are being denied from realizing what would be freeing them from their own unconsciousness. Otherwise, they would be able to benefit at a higher level from forces present in our life.

Those who bite the apple of life, who question themselves and persist in their quest for inner Knowledge, finally understand a fundamental reality. All that limits them, starting from their childhood conditioning to their years of formatted education, must absolutely disappear from their life so they can finally go to the next level of consciousness.

We must realize that we must exert a huge effort, physically as well as mentally, to go beyond everything that prevents us from reaching inner peace. It is crucial to understand our life plan and the reason for our human experience in order to finally be able to know a state of mind equivalent to what people call happiness.

It was once said, “Happy are the simple minded”. This sentence applies to those who live their life at a very elementary level. So, in that frame of mind, they can live the concept of happiness more easily than those who “think too much”. This is what happens when you analyze life on a psychological basis, going over everything that is happening to you in your own mind.

Those who have less facility to be in contact with universal energy, can manifest a more embryonic consciousness without living unnecessary anxiety. What we don’t know won’t hurt us. However, when we attain a high level of evolution, there’s no return. The slightest thing can bother us, catch our attention and even irritate our consciousness, because everything is vibratory. When we experience a discontinuity in the vibration pattern, our whole inner self is shaken.

The weight of Knowledge can only be tolerated by an inner consciousness initiated through experience, and integrated through time.




Comes from the realization that



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