Does Today’s Science Really Free Us?

Does Today’s Science Really Free Us?

This article takes a look at the contemporary technology explosion and its real effects on our generation.

The great creators and inventive geniuses of the electronic industry deploy tremendous efforts to provide us with gadgets that should, in theory, facilitate our lives. Since our memory is faulty, and human error is common, an array of small electronic devices has appeared on the market, and allows us to register, code, note, and photograph everything we do. Many of these devices are supposed to make life easier for us in every step of our daily life.

As time goes by, the majority of users become largely dependent on these electronic crutches. They cannot live or function without them. On one hand those machines simplify our life, but on the other they prevent us from developing our inner skills and cognitive faculties. We become distracted simpletons. We no longer have to think for ourselves because every operation that was originally complex is now done with the tip of our fingers. The possibilities offered by the technology are endless but they have a tendency to infringe on our own creativity.

Taking the example of quick sands, in which the more we move around and struggle, the deeper we sink. Therefore, we become prisoners of these technologies, without hope of freeing ourselves. People who lived the industrial revolution from the sixties until the end of the last century, are less mesmerized by this new sciences, and up to a point not addicted as much as the younger ones. However, adolescents quickly give up any technology that is obsolete in favor of the latest one.

These technologies are part of their daily life, and prevent them from developing a social sense of sharing, and being attuned. Some of them even have trouble not using them during the theoretical period allowed by social standards! This behavior prevents them from talking to each other to establish a real connection. They prefer texting instead of opening using speech. When they are denied access to these gadgets, willfully or by force, they react promptly by not addressing or talking to their surroundings. They become introverted and isolated instead of thriving and sharing.

These instruments should be limited to designated areas. Most of the employers have forbidden their use during work hours. I agree that many of the video games hold an interest because of the spectacular graphics and stimulating audio effect. Parent who don’t want to end up having to cope with the presence of children distracted by those technologies, should maintain appropriate supervision and impose proper limits according to the temperament of the child. They must protect them against themselves. Adequate discernment is absolutely necessary since children must be shielded from accumulative electromagnetic pollution which is much stronger and more wide-spread than we think.

Technology and science should have the single goal of lightening the daily tasks and work load in favor of perfecting our personal evolution and development. In past centuries, the Renaissance was an age of explosive creativity in Arts, science, painting, sculpture, music and writing, all allowing the expansion of human consciousness. However, today’s science does not free humanity from its condition and is more restraining than we realize. It imprisons mankind, and holds it captive so it becomes impossible for us to reach a new state of evolution. At first glance, we think science helps us when it really becomes a restriction to our evolution.

The absence of real Intelligence from some of our greatest minds has led us to materialize a science of polluting technologies, causing physical and mental damages.

Many persons are creative and are like scouts. They are the precursors of the new science. Their new ideas are met with reserve, since they are too advanced for the scientific gent of today. Some great inventions are going to the waste basket or do not make it off the drawing board. If the commercialization of the product has a potential of generating profits, our capitalist society will support its production and flood the consumers’ market.

New companies are appearing on the market and are specializing in the development of products with a new conscious scientific approach. Those companies are finalizing their set up, and should soon offer us different products more suited to our needs. The profits generated will be a side effect and a consequence of the new technologies materialized for the benefit of humanity. If conscious beings unite themselves and develop a way of working together beyond their respective egos, time and energy will be saved as a synergy will be created.

It will be very pleasant to work with individuals without having to cope with their ego which have been tossed aside. The insecure ego is always in the way, and in most cases, affects the outcome of collective efforts. Time will come when it will be necessary and even crucial that certain individuals put their resources, their expertise and their creativity to learn cooperation in order to create a bridge anchoring this effervescent energy between them. This trend will eventually constitute the basis leading to the development of a new society which will experience growth like never before. We will all benefit from the consequences of the presence of the light that is being brought by the principle of cosmic Intelligence. 

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