Ego Conflicts on Earth

Ego Conflicts on Earth

I will bring you different points of view on a wide variety of subjects touching consciousness. I will concentrate on the current events making the news to show hidden aspects that are not obvious at first glance. We will learn together. The first blogs will be on politics, religion, and science.

As I am writing these lines, the world is stunned about news concerning the world of politics. Several countries have trouble sharing their borders. Managing the free circulation of people and ethnic groups that travel and migrate from one country to another is problematic. Many countries are competing with each other and political, demographic, economic, and geographic tensions are created. To name a few, the conflicts between Russia and the Ukraine, between North and South Korea, between India and Pakistan, and between Iran and Iraq, all worry the United Nations and the world in general.

Certain regions on Earth are identified as problem zones. Different factions demand recognition of their sovereignty in their defined territory. The Gaza Strip suffers incessant military operations and occupation that are a show of superiority from those who claim it. The Israel-Palestine conflict has existed for many centuries. This situation is karmic and is orchestrated by the astral world. Bombing is frequent, raining down with reprisals from one side and the other. Human loss is heavy, considered collateral damage, victims are maintained in a high level of suffering.

It’s a dead-end situation. Certain private interests profit from the conflict and sell arms to both sides, getting rich in the process. Other companies obtain lucrative contracts to reconstruct devastated zones. Some believe this is good for the economy. There must be other more evolved ways to create prosperity.

Wars and conflicts which break out are just the materialization of the same conflicts originating from the astral world where the same battles are actually taking place. We become the battlefield of a war between non-intelligent beings in another dimension. We suffer the rippling effect and are being taken as hostages.

As soon as somebody loses a loved one, or becomes a victim of violence, touching this person in his own intimacy, either by rape or mutilation, it is practically impossible not to fall into the trap of vengeance and rage projected by the ego. This person becomes a prisoner of the collective karma and cannot escape from this situation as long as he remains alive on the face of Earth. The non-violence attitude promoted by Ghandi and all the great pacifists remains impossible to display. This is an unsolvable problem.

For this problem to be solved at our level, it must first be resolved in the astral world. Praying for world peace is a drop in the ocean of bitterness and suffering of people, creating a weak egregore with very little result.

Close countries are often trying to take over neighbouring land. Whether it is for detaining more resources, petrol, gas, minerals, water, farmlands or raw materials like wood, some governments of the world feel the pressure from their people to establish and maintain acceptable life conditions. The economically stronger countries generate a favourable Gross Domestic Product (GDP) favouring expansion and societal growth in general. Less fortunate countries that have nevertheless developed a military force, can be tempted to invade their more pacific neighbours.

Terrorism is perpetrated by groups that refuse the imposition on them of some occidental ideologies. Their tactic is to destabilize the society to induce a reign of fear. Public transport is often used to carry out their plans. As soon as there is an air or rail catastrophe, the population becomes insecure using these types of transport. Since the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline planes, people hesitate with reason, to travel near these danger zones.

Since the internet and electronic media allow anyone to find the instructions on how to make a homemade bomb, or even a nuclear bomb, the authorities must do everything in their power to maintain peace. When I say anyone, I mean anyone with rudimentary notions of science, and with access to the required materials needed to build an engine of mass destruction. Governmental agencies are forced to constantly stay on red alert to avoid any potential catastrophe.

Human bombs are another way of destabilizing the system. These new “martyrs” are developing a vicious strategy. After the explosion of a human bomb, the surrounding crowd often runs to them to help the wounded, and then the explosion of a second bomb completes the Evil plan to kill as many as possible. The multiple explosions will discourage the witnesses of these fierce and forceful acts from helping those in need. This escalation of violence rapidly becomes a descent to Hell.

Conscious individuals will avoid finding themselves in places where karmic law applies and imposes the setting of those horrible conditions. For this reason, there are many destinations I will continue to avoid as long as it is ruled by violence.

When the light will have descended on Earth, a great part of the population will witness a turnaround of events. After the end of this cycle, the world population will be greatly diminished. The undesirables, the troublemakers, and the society destabilizers will disappear from the face of the Earth. To be given the privilege to reincarnate on the planet, they will have to learn to abide by a code of consciousness and learn from their experience. They will serve their sentence associated with their karma and unconsciousness in the astral world. They will be prevented from incarnating until they have learned their lesson. I estimate that this new Earth cycle will take a maximum of 20 to 30 years to unfold. My book foresees the future of humanity on a much larger scale of time. Now, to witness this change, we only have to wait and see.

In my books, a 22 volume collection, I will cover different topics such as the creation of the universe, the big bang and the big crush theories, the apparition of life, who we are, where do we come from and where we are going. I will discuss the end of our world as we know it, how to remain objective in our observations and why subjectivity is our enemy. I will study along with the readers human psychology with new views and steps in the totally unknown world of our thoughts.

Furthermore, I will describe the constitution of our physical body, our soul and what we call our mind, which is simply the contact with our higher Source. I will disclose crucial information about where the human soul is situated and how it is and remains attached to the physical body for That information has never been given to mankind before.

My books explain what the consequences are of undergoing the array of emotions we experiment while we are incarnated on Earth. Then, I will demystify the reincarnation process as we are forced to come back after our death. I am disclosing the real purpose of the Law of Creation by what we refer to as GOD, this UNIVERSAL ENERGY.

I will dissect the laws of lifecycles from life to death that take place in the life of every man and woman ( thirteen cycles of 7 years each ) and also of the actual society for the last century ( thirteen cycles of 7 years 1929-2020 ) and the 2 decades to come ( 2021-2035 ). I will furthermore study the possible ways the end of this actual era could take form by elaborating multiple scenarios of the end of the world as we know it.

I will define how to awaken the dreamer or the wizard trapped in each of us, and how to set him in motion. I will share with you some of my findings such as: why the marine mammals have a horizontal tail vs most fishes having a vertical one; is daylight of corpuscular nature or is it made of particles; what really is an out of body experience otherwise called an astral voyage and demystify this notion in a totally new way, never explained like this before.  

I will explicitly lift the vail of all the mysteries around the paranormal phenomena. I also talk and write about many notions of the incoming futur that is already at our doorsteps.

I share my personal experiences with the readers as I experimented many kind of paranormal phenomena belonging so the readers will have references in their lives.

I also write about my understanding of those experiences, how and why they occurred in my own life. I deliver all the secrets of life that I found over the years or what I call:



Finally, I enumerate about a hundred books and movies that had a significative impact on me. I point out the specific information having a direct link with the raise of consciousness manifested by the seekers of light on their path of their lives.

To conclude, you will able… your mind to go where no human has gone before……



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