Cruises and Consciousness

Cruises and Consciousness

What is more pleasant than an ocean cruise, in the islands or on another waterway where we can glide with our consciousness.

The evolution of each person takes all sorts of forms. The initiation in which we find ourselves is at times painful and at other times energizing. In any case, reading documents about consciousness is interesting, going to conferences is stimulating, but if we add the ideal situation, the results would be even better.

This is the reason I propose participation in workshop conferences in the environment of a cruise whose destination will be really well chosen. Small groups between 25 and 50 people, will associate their vacation resort with the development of their consciousness.

I offer you the benefit of my presence by attending conferences and workshop discussions. Each day we will meet for a conference divided into two different parts. The first will be one hour long with a pre-determined subject and the second part will be a period of question and answer favouring discussion, sharing and communication between each other.

Morning conferences could start off the day, after which the day belongs to you to benefit fully from your vacation. Excursions may be organized to visit archaeological sites when we dock at different ports.

A cruise and travel in general are excellent sources of relaxation that favour the integration of consciousness. Our cruises will glide across smooth waters of new discoveries and new friends.

We all know that we attract the events that leave an impression in our lives. It is only you that can decide to participate in an activity which will leave a unique imprint in your life experience.

Before, we had The Love Boat type of cruise, now it is



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