Michel Labrèche's Theorem on Mathematical Formula

Michel Labrèche's Theorem on Mathematical Formula

The discovery of a new application for a mathematical formula

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In 1973, when I was 14, I was a young athlete gifted and training in table tennis. I was a junior member of the Quebec team. Sometimes, I had to take three different busses for a ride lasting more than an hour and a half, to go from my home to the training center in Montreal. Between transfers, I had a lot of waiting time.

One evening in February, after waiting more than 20 minutes with a temperature below -20 Fahrenheit (Celsius), my thoughts were wandering in my Mind and I began to analyse a series of numbers and to do mathematical operations.

A specific question that I was asking myself came to mind. I had noticed that, when you multiply any two numbers which had a difference of two between them, (for example 3 and 5) the result of the multiplication was always the average between them and squared, minus 1. I was juggling with a lot of numbers and was trying to confirm my theory with different combinations.

Example : 3 x 5 = 15 the mean X being 4 and 42 – 1 = 15

4 x 6 = 24 the mean X being 5 and 52 – 1 = 24

5 x 7 = 35 the mean X being 6 and 62 – 1 = 35

And so on. I am sure you see where I am going and that you understand the principle. I asked myself what mathematical formula would apply and explain why the result is always the same. Without knowing it, I was having an intense discussion with myself, on a higher plane, which throughout the book I call the higher consciousness or the etheric double. I followed through my lead, a thread linking me to the essence of my being, and went further on. I tried playing around with other numbers, diversifying the various combinations. To be able to analyse the final results, I tried multiplying numbers with a difference of 4 between them.

Example : 3 x 7 = 21 the mean X being 5 and 52 – 4 = 21

4 x 8 = 32 the mean X being 6 and 62 – 4 = 32

5 x 9 = 45 the mean X being 7 and 72 – 4 = 45


I was looking at the new results through the eyes of my Mind. At first, I did not understand the mathematical progression of the numbers. So, I continued with the same process. I started to mentally multiply numbers with a difference of 6 between them. I then analyzed the new parameters of my observations.


Example : 3 x 9 = 27 the mean X being 6 and 62 – 9 = 27

4 x 10 = 40 the mean X being 7 and 72 – 9 = 40

5 x 11 = 55 the mean X being 8 and 82 – 9 = 55


Along with these new numbers, the following information came to me from my double or otherwise named my inner consciousness:

The mathematical progression of the unknown constant result followed the pattern below:

1, 4, 9…... so, I told myself that the next number should necessarily be 16, because:

1 = 12, 4 = 22, 9 = 32, AND 16 = 42 and so on


I was thus able to predict the result before doing the mathematical operation. To verify the accuracy of my theory, I multiplied the numbers with a difference of 8 and predicted that the constant would be 16, namely 42.

Example : 3 x 11 = 33 the mean X being 7 and 72 – 16 = 33

4 x 12 = 48 the mean X being 8 and 82 – 16 = 48

5 x 13 = 65 the mean X being 9 and 92 – 16 = 65


Eurêka ! I had discovered the foundations of a universal law! The only thing remaining for me to do was to mathematically formulate it.


The first number in the equation will be considered as the variable A

The second number in the equation will be considered as the variable B

We thus have on the left of the equation : A x B which can be any numbers multiplied together.

On the right of the equation, the second half of the equation, the result is the square of the average between two numbers, less the variable:

X2 – the variable

A x B = X average squared – the variable.


A x B = X2 – THE variable


I had to discover how the variable could be mathematically expressed.

In the first case where I took A and B with a difference of 2 between them, the result of the variable was 12 or 1 x 1

In the second case where I took A and B with a difference of 4 between them, the result of the variable was 22 or 2 x 2

In the third case where I took A and B with a difference of 6 between them, the result of the variable was 32 or 3 x 3

In the fourth case where I took A and B with a difference of 8 between them, the result of the variable was 42 or 4 x 4


I had to find :

- What was the relation between the result of the variable and the difference of units or numbers between A and B being multiplied?

So, I realized that, when you had 2 representing the difference of units between the next two multiplied numbers A and B, the result of the variable was always 1.

Then, what was the relation of 4 representing the difference of units between the next two multiplied numbers A and B and the result of the variable 4?

After that, what was the relation of 6 representing the difference of units between the next two multiplied numbers A and B and the result of the variable 9?

Finally, what was the relation of 8 representing the difference of units between the next two multiplied numbers A and B and the result of the variable 16?


I came to the conclusion that the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 representing the difference of units between the first number A and the second number B had a direct relation with the resulting variable, thus 1, 4, 9, 16 and that this correspondence could be defined as follows:


A x B = X2 – THE variable




After a thorough verification, this mathematical formula proved to be universal, meaning that it works with any invariable number, decimal or fraction, or even with π (pi).

I was then struggling with a mathematical formula that I had just discovered and I was asking myself what could be the implications and what deep meaning could it represent?

In other words: What was its use? Or, what could be its eventual usefulness?

The mathematical proof could easily be made and demonstrated, such as what follows:

If a = b, so the second portion of the equation a - b 2 = 0


Then, remains only the first portion of the equation


The first observation that I was able to make with this new formula is that any numbers multiplied between them have as a result the square of the mean between them minus the square of half of the difference between them.

In other words, when we multiply or cross, be it two numbers or two chromosomes, for example, the result from that operation in biology and the potential sequence of the probable eventualities can be explained by the following theorem:






In the field of biology, the monk scientist Gregor Mendel studied and surveyed the the crossing of genes, some of them being dominant over some of them being recessive. He used the drosophila fly and small peas to explain the transfer of genes during the reproduction process, showing the dominance of some genes over others. The wing length of the drosophila, whether long or short, for example, or in the case of the texture of the surface of the small peas, whether smooth or wrinkled, are characteristics transmitted independently to the next generation, depending on the presence of a dominant gene being opposed to a recessive one. If the gene of long wings is dominant and crossed with a recessive gene of short wings, the resulting wings will be long.


L x L = LL = long wings

L x l = L l = long wings

l x l =ll = short wings


In the case of small peas, the same result can be achieved.

P x P = PP = smooth pea

P x p = P p = smooth pea

p x p = p p = wrinkled pea


As for the human being, the same scenario unravels in the case of blue eyes and brown eyes. For the baldness gene, the same reasoning applies and explains the fact that more men have a greater probability of losing their hair than women, because the gene responsible for the hair loss is linked with the X chromosome. Everyone knows that a male has a combination of XY in his chromosome chain. As for the female, she has a combination of XX genes in her chromosome chain, so she needs to have the baldness gene on both her X genes to become bald, which is extremely rare. For males, they need to have only of their X gene bearing the deficiency for him to become bald.

The real application of this mathematical formula means that, if we replace A and B in the equation by the genes of a man crossed with the genes of a woman (Of course, we could also apply this to any living creature):

When a man and a woman make love and conceive a child, the result of the genetic crossing between them becomes everything they have in common, genetically speaking, squared, minus half of the genetic difference resulting from that crossing, squared.

This explains why a couple can procreate and have four children totally physically different one from another. The first child could be tall and strong and have athletic abilities. The second child could be smaller and more intellectual than the first one, followed by a third one manifesting an artistic sensitivity. This mathematical formula explains the probable physical pairing. When we add to this equation different factors like the communion of two souls, the difference in behavior and attitude that we obtain is more closely linked to the magnetism resulting from the experience of bringing a child to the world by the two parents. During the incarnation of the soul, the energy of the parents attracts souls directly linked to their karma and their previous experiences.

The quality of the soul is another factor that is part of the incarnation process. It allows each soul of newborns in a family to be either very similar or very different. The psychological profile and the character traits of brothers and sisters who look alike physically can bring souls of the same vibratory level to incarnate in that family. The opposite can also apply with siblings totally different from one another, even if they have the same parents. Even if brothers and sisters are almost a copy and paste from the other, this only means that, on a genetic level, they are very similar, but the experience of their soul could be totally disparate. This situation generates personalities diametrically opposed.

This formula ultimately explains the results of a crossing of genes and the difference in the final sequence obtained. I am aware that, in the study of the human genome, if scientists would agree to study the probabilities of crossing genes, they could, with the help of super-computers, predict the enumeration of the possible potential of observed crossings. It is probable that, within a few years, this formula could be used in practical applications whether in biology or medicine. My understanding is that this mathematical formula could be as fundamental as Pythagoras’ theorem. This theorem states that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the two other sides of any right-angled triangle.


The formula :

AxA + BxB = CxC

A2 + B2 = C2

has allowed the creation of a new mathematical function, being the extraction of the square root. In such a triangle, the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the square root of the squared sum of each of the two other sides.

The formula that I found out explains why, when two wolves mates, because the alpha male copulates with the alpha female, the genes they carry becomes stronger over the years. The best genes are fortified and weakest one are slowly eliminated from the body, the genetic code.

The alpha male is the most popular in the clan and often the strongest one. He has the privilege to mate with the chosen female and they form a couple and stay together all their lives.

The fact that me, having been able to discover this mathematical formula shows us that at any age, if we can question the matter itself, after having thoroughly observed it, we will automatically be given the answer by our Higher Self, because this answer is in the question. In other words, our ability to peer into matter will reveal the rightful parameters that have to be retrieved to be able to discover the answer to any question.

When the observed parameters have been identified, asking a question becomes an art, even more a gift that you have to snatch from your cosmic counterpart being your Higher Self or your Etheric Double.


Figure 1 Pythagorus

Again, we can always conceive that the question is in the answer. This means that, in some cases, if we are able to observe a result, which becomes the answer, we will be able to formulate adequately the question.

For every question asked, the reality of our Self, which is situated in an invisible realm, in contact with the center of the Universe, will be forced to transfer to us the real answer. This newly acquired ability could be described as the power of interception, strangely resembling the echolocation used by bats or dolphins. These creatures use this principle to define the boundaries and the contents of their environment. The reception of the information allows them to bypass obstacles, to detect potential prey and even find their weaknesses. The dolphins can even find the location of the liver in sharks and hit directly at it with their snout.

What we receive from our cosmic counterpart corresponds in fact to an energy transfer from an agenda known only by him. The preset knowledge, or what I call Inner Knowing, going further than pure wisdom will come from the fusion between Man and his etheric double, or higher consciousness.

I have asked one of my friends to verify if this mathematical formula was in existence and had been published before. This friend, who hold a doctorate in mathematics, has informed me that a book containing all known mathematical formulas, existed and that the one I discovered was not there at first glance.

When I state that it is “my” mathematical formula, I mean simply, and I want to underline that I am probably the first one to have noticed another field of application, for instance, in genetics and biology for that equation. The formula in itself existed well before me.

My older brother found out that this kind of formula was in use in the Babylonian times to calculate the field surface of a piece of land that was more of rectangular shape than square for taxation purpose. Nevertheless, these peoples and civilizations did not have any idea of what is a gene or DNA forming the genetic code or genome.

We could call it:

THE MULTIPLICATION of numbers formula

or the crossing genes sequence formula



In my first book published in 1993, I have already explained the path I have used to be able to discover this formula.

The only reason why no one before me has discovered it or formulated that way is that there is only one path to take to conceive and to visualize it. You can achieve that only with a method resembling reverse engineering.

This particular way of seeing things consists of taking a known result and deconstructing it, while going back through the chain of events and steps leading to the equation located in the center of the Universe, its Source.

A very easy way to visualize this formula is to do this simple experiment. Take eight similar cubes and align them sideways on two rows of four units each. This is a geometric way of demonstrating 2 x 4. The cubes will form a rectangular shape.

Just try to make a perfect square out of it. You will thus obtain a perfect square, minus one space located in the middle of the square composed of three rows of cubes of three units each, 3 x 3 or three squared.

This says it all, 2 x 4 = 8 or in other words ( 3 x 3 ) or 9, -1




Displaying our Inner Wizard




We have to learn to question matter, not only from known facts, while trying to make a projection of the observations in the future. We also have to absolutely learn to question matter from the ability to observe a result, while making a projection at the same time both into the past and in our conscious mind. From our observations, we will be able to work similarly to modern palaeontologists who analyse fossils of dinosaurs belonging to distant eras to have a global idea of their initial living appearance.

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