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Volume I

Why did I write this book 

Acknowledgements And Dedication


About The Author

Wizard Of Us Foundation

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Subject Matters

Table Of Contents


Warning To The Reader - Open-Mindedness And Attitude Towards The Book”

Why did I write this book 

Knowing Without Seeing

The Planetary Regency Will Be To Universal

Consciousness And To Light What The Majestic 12 Is

Achieving Over Unconsciousness And The Shadow

Government Or The New World Order

Nothing Is Impossible

Be Watchful, For Anything Can Happen


List Of Internet Websites

Volume II

Universal Questions 

Fundamental Principles and Basic Hypothesis

Fundamental Principles :

  • Life comes from life

  • Enthalpy and Entropy

  • The Christ Principle

The Big Bang Theory or the Universal Basic Hypothesis

Universal Questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Where do we come from?
  • Where are we?
  • Where are we going?
  • Dogmas and hypotheses

The Goal of Life

The Fundamental Questions

What is Matter Composed Of?

  • Electrons, neutrons, protons, quarks

Identify and Go Beyond Our Limits, Identifying Obstacles and Going Beyond Them

Going Beyond Scientific Laws and Notions

  • f=ma (Newton), e=mc2 (Einstein)

The Actual Position of Science and its Limitations

  • Stephen Hawking
  • Empirical Science Based on Experimentation
  • Hubert Reeves
  • The Application of Physical Laws without
    Real Understanding of the Nature of Matter
  • My Brother John (example)
  • The Wizard Of Us Song


Establishing a Bridge between Matter and

Spirit through Modern Science

Major Currents of Thought

  • Doctrines and Their Traps
  • Different Philosophical Schools of Thought :
    Teilhard de Chardin, Karl Marx, Nietzsche, and others
  • Contemporary Psychology: Freud, Jung, and others


  • The Authors Behind This Distortion
  • Indirect Consequences for The Collective
  • Divide to Conquer
  • Implications for the Individual
  • The Tools of Disinformation
  • Denouncing the Disinformation

The Darwin Theory

Doctrines and Occult Sciences

  • Steiner, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky and others
  • Prophets and Their Predictions

Empire of the Senses

  • The Five Senses
  • Level of Reality Outside the Physical Senses
  • Towards A Sixth Sense

The Trap of Duality

  • Polarity
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Cohesion and Decay

Opening of the Mind, and Blockages

  • What is The Essence of Spirit?
  • Definition of Worlds of Other Dimensions
  • What Prevents Us from Accessing More Subtle Worlds
  • Origins of Blockages
  • Future Shock

Passage from Unconsciousness to Real Consciousness

  • 2020 to 2030, Cohabitation of Two Different Humanities

Intuition and Creative Consciousness

Real Inner Knowing and Inborn Science

Examples of Questions Needing Answers

Volume III

The End of Our World or the Collapse of Society as We Know It


The End of the Modern Era: Signs of Collapse

  • Conditioning, manipulation, and overregulation
  • Capacity to Self-destruct
  • A World of Evil
  • Drugs, violence, abuse and excessive behavior
  • The deterioration of global economy

Universal Principles

  • The consequences of unconsciousness
  • Collective Neurosis
  • Pollution at All Levels
  • Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)
  • Overconsumption
  • Malnutrition
  • The Art of Eating Right

Concepts of Contemporary Society

  • The structures that subtly dominate us
    through politics, religion, and science

Globalization of Systems and Governmental Structures

  • Government and Real Will
  • Riots and the G8
  • Bilderberg
  • Armies and Propaganda
  • Real Planetary Politics
  • Belief Systems and Religious Organizations

The Scientific Community

  • The Progression of Science and the
    Alienation of the Human Being
  • Individualization
  • The Illusion of Separation from the Universal
  • Hydro-Quebec and Smart Meters

Universal Principles: Will, Love, and Intelligence

  • Analogy with Other Doctrines
  • The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • Development of the physical, vital, astral,
    and mental planes
  • The Father, Cosmic Will
  • The Son, Absolute Love
  • The Holy Spirit, Infinite Intelligence

The Birth of Conscious Intelligence on Earth

  • Tyrant, Teflon, Indigo, and Crystal Children
  • Vibratory Conscious Beings and Solar Initiation
  • Birth of the Sixth Race

Restraining Factors of our Evolution

  • Limiting versus Expanding
  • Growing Pains or Suffering
  • What is a Descent of Energy?
  • Memories, Negative Experiences,
    Encoding, and Engrams

The End of The Empire of the Senses

  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll
  • Sexuality Without Consciousness

The Impact of Experience

The Beginning of the End

Volume IV

Objectivity- Subjectivity?

Reality vs truth!


The Myth of Plato’s Cave

The Ether vs the Physical Plane

The Theorem of God’s Perfection

The Image of God and Different Scales of Time

Multitude Truths

Religious Wars

Richard Bach, “Everything may be wrong”

The Difficulty in Remaining Objective

  • The Challenge of Staying Objective
  • The Relativity of Experience

Beauty: An absolute and a perfection of the structure

The Rose of the Little Prince (St Exupéry)

Being Able To See Only One Reality

Flying Above the Clouds

Development of the Ego, or its Artificial Creation

  • The Consequences of Incarnation on Earth
  • Experiments without Consciousness
  • Life in the Masculine (Yang) and Life in the Feminine (Yin)

Volume V

The psychology of human Being


“I think, therefore I am ”, Descartes

Birth and Development of the Ego

  • Definition and Explanations of the Nuance
    between the Feminine and Masculine Ego
  • The Fundamental Karmic Difference
    between the Woman and Man Incarnation

Shattering of the Ego

The Illusion of Free Will

Dreams Perfecting Consciousness

  • Rebalancing vital and astral energies

What is Supra-consciousness?

  • The Iceberg Diagram: involution leading to evolution
  • The Role of Manipulation and Interference

Different States of Consciousness according to Modern Medicine

  • Alpha, beta, delta, and theta waves
  • Hypnosis and Altered States

Traditional Notions And Concepts

  • Couple Relations
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Children
  • Education
  • Work
  • Money
  • The Hidden Traps of Money
  • Seniors and Old Age
  • Giving Too Much Importance to Celebrated Events
  • Birthdays and Holidays
  • Sports

Contemporary Psychological Behavior

  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Guilt
  • Susceptibility
  • To be on Hold
  • Psychological Frustration
  • Envy
  • Jealousy
  • Shyness
  • Superiority complex
  • Anger of the Mind
  • Solitude
  • Childish Naivety
  • Depression
  • Laughter
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Tolerance
  • Analysis and explanation of ego attitudes
  • Arrogance
  • To See Through the Eyes of the Other

Esotericism, Occidental Philosophies, and Oriental Traditions

  • Esotericism
  • Occidental Philosophies
  • Oriental Traditions

Suffering, an Evolutionary Force

  • Integrating the shocks of Life

Descent of Energy and Integration of Light

Example of the Level of Penetration of Light and the Color of Algae

Example of the Hot-Air Balloon

  • Experimentation, Realization, and Assimilation
  • Wanting to Evolve at Any Cost and to Speed
    Up the process of connecting with the Light
  • The Traps of Doctrines: techniques, rituals,
    methods, cassettes, cd
  • Meditation
  • Macrobiotic diets
  • Tantrism
  • Cosmic Sciences
  • Prayer
  • Ho’oponopono and Namaste
  • Prana Yoga
  • The Feeling of Being Openhearted
  • Astral Clairvoyance
  • Spiritual Healing
  • The Search for Power

Volume VI



Definition of the Psyche

  • Cerebral Activity
  • What is The Essence of A Thought?
  • Does Thought have a Determined Mass?
  • Terrestrial and Lunar Gravity and Force Fields

Origins of Thought

  • The Astral World
  • Entities, Guides, The Deceased, Disembodied Beings
  • Thought forms and egregores

Blending Emotions with our Thoughts

  • Analogy between non-compartmentalized
    red blood and blue blood
  • The Crocodile’s Foramen of Panizza
  • Non-compartmentalized Thoughts and
    Emotions in the lower kingdoms
  • Compartmentalization of Emotions,
    independently from Thoughts

Authentic Communication

  • The little inner voice

The World of Interferences

  • The influence of the Demon and Angel’s voices
  • The trap of “I said to myself” expressed
    with the tone of our voice
  • The Astral World vs the Etheric World
  • Thought Forms of the Astral World
  • From Hell (the lower astral plane) to Heaven
    (high astral plane)
  • From Demonic forms to Angelic forms
  • Incubus and Succubus
  • Cherubim and Archangels
  • The Cardinal Points of the Astral world

Communication with one’s Source

  • Discernment, or the Art of sorting Thoughts
  • Emission and Reception without Parasites
  • What is Below is like What is above (Hermes Trismegiste)

Volume VII



Physical Evolution of the Animal Body :
from the Unicellular to the Human Body

  • 2001 A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick

Physical and Psychic Differences between Man and Animal

  • Mineral, Vegetal and Animal Consciousness
  • Animal consciousness, Collective and Individual soul
  • Dolphins and Whales
  • Ultrasounds
  • Development of the Hand
  • Body and Verbal Languages
  • The Power of Word : Ultimate Communication

The Rule of the Right Hand

Diversity and Evolution of the Races


  • Must all that is born necessarily die?
  • Has our life an end in itself?

What will be the probable cause of your death?

  • Different ways of leaving Earth
  • Nicotine Addiction

Can we slow down the Process of Degeneration?

Stop Aging?

Reset the Growth Process?

  • Identification and Origin of Degeneration
  • Energy Loss

Regeneration by Telluric and Solar Energy

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Rose Water and the Fountain of Youth

Healthy Diet

  • Diets and Cures
  • Energy renewal
  • Xango, Monavie, Visalus, TA65, Zija
    Moringa, Life Waves, Cell Plus

The Work of Dr Masaru Emoto

  • The Curative Properties of Water
  • Configurations of Frozen Water Crystals

The Harmony of Music

Cardiac Coherence, David Servan-Schreiber

Montserrat Gascòn, Treating the Pericardium

Morphological Changes and Life Expectancy


The Sole Purpose: The Soul Purpose?

  • The Soul, Complement to the Physical Body
  • Where is the Soul, in the Blood, or elsewhere?
  • The Real Function of the Soul
  • Memory Accumulation Principle

Our Soul, The most Precious Gift of our Life

  • The Alternative of Medicating to Eradicate
    Psychological Suffering

Mechanisms of the Soul and How to Assimilate Experience

The Consequences of having a Soul for the Physical Body

The Notion of the Twin Souls, sisters souls, and complementary souls


What is the Essence of Spirit?

The Universal Source

Contact with the Source

The Guardian Angel or the Etheric Double

The World of Ideas

  • Having The same Idea at the Same Time
  • Inventing New Forms

Permanent Telepathy

  • Seeing in the Invisible
  • Music, an example of Contact at other Levels

To sum up…

Volume VIII



Chakras or Energy Centers

What are emotions and why do we experience them?

  • Reaction to an external stimulus

Levels of Sensitivity

  • Intuitions, sentiments, and feelings

Why Do We Experience Emotions?

  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Expressing an Energy that Circulates Within Us

The Role and Real function of Emotions in our Daily Life

  • Survival
  • Dispersion of Energy
  • Psychological Attitudes towards Emotions

Two Kinds of Emotions

  • Living a Negative Emotion Generates
    Chemical Reactions
  • Positive Emotions Involve reactions
    that are more electrical than chemical

Emotions Giving Thrills

  • Extreme Sports and/or Living Dangerously
  • Examples of the Effects of these Primordial
    Energy Losses

Negative Emotions and Energy Losses

  • Violence and Negative Emotions
  • The Buddhist Theory : Ignorance generates Suffering
  • Unconscious Suffering and the Pain of Evolving
  • The Different Grades of Negative Emotions
  • Cortisol and Stress
  • The Concept of Emotional Intelligence

Positive Emotions

  • At The Unconscious Level
  • Chemical reactions
  • Examples of Intense Positive Emotions
  • The Myths of Love
  • The Stereotypes of Love
  • At the Conscious Level

The Real Role of Conscious Positive Emotions

  • The Function of Sending Energy to the Cell

Sexuality : Union of Souls through the Body to liberate the Spirit

  • The role of Man and Woman in the Descent of Energy

The Real Function of Simultaneous Orgasm in the Couple

  • The Ejaculating Women

The Relation between Real Love and Positive Emotions

Real Cosmic Love

Friendship, Love, and Passion

Psychological States


Universal Love

The Astral Traps

Hints to Help Change an Emotional State

Revolt of the Spirit

Emotional Shocks

Reticence vs Resistance


  • Attitudes of the Ego Under Attack by Life Forces

Volume IX

Death and Reincarnation


What defines Death?

  • Causes of Death

Is it Normal to Die?

  • Psychological Attitudes of the Dying Ego
  • Difference between Losing the Capacity to
    Inhabit the Physical World and Ceasing to Exist
  • The Difference between Killing a
    Person and Destroying a Soul

What Physically Happens When We Die?

  • Cessation of the Vital Functions
  • Degeneration of the Physical Body
  • Return of Vital Energy to the Earth
  • Detachment of the Soul
  • The Silver Cord and the Film of our Life
  • Going Back to the Appropriate Vibratory Level

Death is Equivalent to Being Disconnected with
the Physical World Resulting In a transfer of
Consciousness to Another Plane of Existence

  • Why do we Die?
  • What really happens to the Soul when we Die?
  • Incineration
  • If we Believe we Die, we will Die

Where do we go When we Die?

Reincarnation: Myth or Reality?

  • Wanting to Have Tangible, Scientific Proof
    is a Sign of Insecurity of the Ego and Unconsciousness
  • Convincing Others to Reassure Them
  • The Invisible World Will Revealed itself when it is Time
  • What is Reincarnation?

Contact with The Source and the Near Death Experience (NDE)

Past Lives Memories

Access to the Akashic Records and Universal Archives

Multiple Personalities

Possession by Entities

  • Sybil, and other Cases

The Fundamental Goal of Reincarnation

  • To Disrupt, Break and Destroy the Cycle of Reincarnation
  • Breaking the cycle of Reincarnation, or How to Stop Dying

The Role of Man and Woman in the Descent of Energy

  • Woman=Receptor
  • Man=Emitter

Differences between Physical Death and White Death

  • Death According to Psychology
  • Cellular Radiation: Dispatching Energy to Each Cell
  • White Death

Anticipated Physiological Changes and
Eventual Physical Transformation

  • DNA Helix
  • Telomeres
  • Myelin Sheath
  • Dehydro-epi-androsterone (DHEA)
  • The Thymus
  • Amygdala
  • Hypothalamus
  • Hypophysis or Pituitary gland
  • Epiphysis or Pineal Gland
  • Neocerebellum
  • Neocortex

The Genome

Global Changes in the Physical Body

  • Raise of the Vibratory rate, ex Water skier

The Life Cycle: from the Caterpillar to the Butterfly

Activation and Deactivation of Spermatozoa and Ovum

Life Expectancy of Conscious Men and Immortals

  • Differences between Conscious Men,
    Becoming Immortals, and Eternal Beings

From the 6th to the 7th Race

Volume X

From Alpha to Omega, Or the real purpose


In the End, is there a Finality?

  • The Birth of a Star

The 6th Race of Conscious Men or Vibratory Beings

The 7th Race or the Birth of Human-Spirit

Cosmic Principles and Primary Colors

Extra-terrestrials and their Function in the Future of Earth

The Human Aura

What Is the Use of Real Purpose?

Lucifer, the Fallen Angel: or Where do we come from?

Majestic 12, Illuminati, The Government of the Shadows:

or Where are we?

The Invisible Government and the Planetary
Regency : or Where are we going?

The Goal of the Law of Creation

The Consequence of the Descent of Light into Matter

Consequences of the Return to Universal Principles

  • The Disappearance of sickness, including cancers,
    heart disease, AIDS, infections
  • Money, a Thing of the Past
  • Dispatching Earth’s Natural Resources
  • Appearance of Universal Technologies
  • Exploitation of atomic energy resources
  • Exploration of the Physical Universe

Returning to the Source

  • Forcing Evolution of the Lower Kingdoms:
    Animal, Vegetal, Mineral

Traveling and Visiting the Past

Traveling and Visiting the Future

Correcting Injustices of the Past

Creation of a New Universe without Gravity,
based on Energy Exhalation

Exploration and Exploitation of Forms

From Alpha to Omega, or the Beginning and the End

The Plurality of Souls Concept

Bilocation, or Being in two places at the same Time

The Paradox of Reaching the Speed of Light

The Presence of Immortals

The Ideal Partner

Energy Descent

Perfection of the Form

Aggressive Consciousness

The Game of Life

Its Now or Never

Future Life Plans


The Difference between Being Tested
by the World of Spirit and the Temptations of the Astral World

Changes on the Horizon

Sexual Liberation

Vibratory sexuality

Proof of the Existence of God

Emancipation of Humanity

Don’t tell me what to do!

I think, therefore am I really?

The Illusion of Free Will or the Cosmic Lie



Harmonizing Relationships and Consciousness

The Popcorn Theory

Presence of the Mind Connection

Our Vulnerability in Initiation

Volume XI



The Birth of Man

  • Twin Planet?
  • Marduk
  • Solar Cycles

The Progression of a Cycle

  • The Prophecies and the Cycles
  • Haley’s Comet
  • The Prophecies of Enoch and Elijah
  • Malachi and the Last Pope
  • Nostradamus and the Centuries
  • The Prophecies of Jean XXIII
  • The Y2K Bug
  • The End of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012
  • The Kali-Yuga in the Hindu Tradition

The Celestial Calendar : the End of the Age of Pisces

The Age of Aquarius

The Cycles of Appearance and Evolution of the Different Races on Earth

  • The 5th Race
  • The Passage from the 5th to the 6th Race

The Enigma of the Sphinx

The cycles of the Energy Descent in the Human Being : 7 Year cycles

  • Birth to 6 years : Development of the physical body
  • 7 to 13 years : the age of reason, education and puberty- development of the vital body
  • 14 to 20 years : adolescence, stabilization of the ego- development of the astral body
  • 21 to 27 years : young adulthood, the learning process - development of the mental body
  • 28 to 34 years : manifestation of the personality- development, formation, and stabilization of the supra-mental body
  • 35 to 41 years : development and experimentation- energization or degeneration of the mental body
  • 42 to 48 Years : maturity or blossoming- energization or decay of the astral body
  • 49 to 55 years : assimilation of light or the beginning of the end- energization or decay of the vital body
  • 56 to 62 years : radical transformation or beginning of illnesses - beginning of the decay of the physical body
  • 63 to 69 years : new life or aging of physical body - decay of the physical body
  • 70 to 76 years : beginning of more severe health problems
  • 77 to 83 years : management of health problems
  • 84 to 90 years : the end of the voyage, physical death

Cycles of the Manifestation and the Descent of Light Energy onto Earth since 1929

  • 1929 to 1935 : The Great Stock Market Crash (Physical plane)
  • 1936 to 1942 : World War II - incarnation of Bernard of Montreal (vital Plane)
  • 1943 to 1949 : D-Day (6-06-1944) and the end of the war (astral plane)
  • 1950 to 1956 : Industrialization (mental plane)
  • 1957 to 1963 : The Bay of Pigs, Cuba (cosmic Will experienced psychologically)
  • 1964 to 1970 : Cultural Revolution- The Beatles, Peace and Love, Woodstock (Supra-mental, Cosmic Love experienced psychologically)
  • 1971 to 1977 : The first computers- The book Life After Life, by Dr Raymond C Moody- The Third Eye, by T Lobsang Rampa (Cosmic Intelligence, experienced psychologically)
  • 1978 to 1984 : Descent of information from higher planes- Blue Energy (combination of the Principle of Will and Love)
  • 1985 to 1991 : Solar Initiation of the Searchers of Light- the book La Genèse du Réel - writing of the book Le Statut de la Liberté (combination of the Principles of Cosmic Love and Intelligence)
  • 1992 to 1998 : English translation of Le Statut de la Liberté, The Wizard of Us Publication of Dialogue avec L’Invisible (union of Will and Intelligence)
  • 1999 to 2005 : Beginning of the millennium, departure of Bernard of Montreal

2007 to 2013 : The latest Cycle

The cycle from January 2014 to December 2020

  • Contact of certain individuals with intelligent Conscious Civilizations supervising Earth

The Last Karmic Cycle, 2021 to December, 2027

The Apocalypse- 2028 to the end of 2034

  • The Decisive Day : point of no return
  • Theory of the Mirror : the hour and the date are already known
  • The day of the Cataclysm
  • Before Jesus Christ and After Jesus Christ

The Final Descent and Integration of Light

  • Phenomenon of Rejection
  • Consequence of the Assimilation of the Light

The Transformation of Society

  • The First cycle of Light in the New Society from 2035
  • Official Contact with our cosmic brothers

The Age of Aquarius, an astrological Cycle of 2500 years

  • Jupiterian cycle of 2500 years - The 7th race

The Armageddon or the final battle of Good against Evil

The New Cycle of Light and the arrival of the Human-Spirit

Volume XII

Scenarios of the End of The world


The Actual Situation

The World Economy and the Stock Markets

Exhaustion of Resources : water, food, energy

The Destruction of the Amazon Forest


  • Pollution on the Physical Plane,
  • Pollution on the vital plane,
  • Pollution on the astral plane,
  • Pollution on the mental plane

The Ozone Layer

Global Warming

Genetic Manipulations and Mutations

Natural mutations (H1N1) and Human Activity

Human Errors

Fanaticism and Terrorism

The Rebellion of the Elements

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Earth

The Potential Danger from Celestial Bodies

  • Comets
  • Asteroids
  • Solar Eruptions
  • Magnetic Storms
  • Exploding Stars and Deadly Radiations
  • Our Natural Protection

Interference from the Establishment in our Lives

The Atomic and Bacteriological Wars

The Antichrist

  • 666, Number of the Beast
  • Opus Dei
  • The Da Vinci Code

The Extraterrestrial Threat

  • V The series
  • Naval Battle and Independence Day
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, Fire in the Sky, Taken

Scenarios of The End of The World

  • Potential scenarios

Interference from Non-terrestrial Races and the Higher Planes

  • Interference of non-terrestrials
  • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Intervention of higher planes

Celestial Militia and Interpenetration of Energy Dimensions

  • Celestial militia
  • Dimensional interpenetration
  • The three days of the Black Sun
  • Abduction by Spheres of Light
  • Help from Etheric Beings in alliance with the Earth
  • Angels, Archangels, and Cherubim
  • Descent to the Centre of the Earth?

Out Vibratory Level Will be Our Lifeline

Opening of a Space-Time and of a Time Loop

Volume XIII

How to awaken the wizard in us


What is a Wizard?

The Sleeping Wizard: From Unconscious to Conscious

  • The Progression of Evolution
  • The Transition between Man and the Future Wizard
  • Finding a Meaning to Our Life
  • The Insecurity of the Ego

The difference Between Blind Faith and Inner Knowing

  • Blind Faith of the Ego vs the Spirit Vision
  • The Grace of God or The Leap of Faith
  • The Inner Knowing

Awakening of the Wizard: Consciousness Will Give Access to Reality

Real Knowing and its Manifestation

The Golden Rule to Real Knowing and Inner Knowing


  • The art of being at the right place at the right moment instead of being at the wrong place at the wrong moment
  • Listening to Ourselves
  • Absentmindedness: astral possession, influence of the Double or Be Possessed by the Light

The Wizards At Work

  • Artists, Inventors and Creative Beings of the Past
  • The Free Energy Creator Systems of the Beginning of the Century
  • Magic and the World of Humor
  • Magic or the Art of Transforming and Converting Energy
  • Going Beyond Conventional Energy Transfer Mechanisms

The Wizard in Me: Some of my Discoveries and Realizations Linked to the Creativity of Intelligence

  • The Theorem of Michel or How a New Mathematical Formula was created
  • How Can the Morphological Differences Between the Tail of a Fish and that of Marine Mammals Be Explained?
  • The Structural Composition of Light and its Movement, Corpuscular Theory vs Wave Theory
  • Where is the Soul?

A World of Possibilities

The Music of the Wizards

How to Delegate

The Apprentice Wizard

The Capacities of the Wizard

Solar Initiation and the Traps Awaiting the Wizard

Volume XIV

The Wizard in Action


The Traps

  • The Reason for the Traps
  • Copying or Imitating another Person with ego
  • Identifying with someone, Endorsing a Cause
  • To Allow Someone to Convince Us
  • Projecting
  • Connecting to One’s own Feelings
  • Connecting to one’s Feelings, Willingly Abandoning
    and Leaving One’s Mental Connection to the Source
  • The Crystallization of Certain Forms
  • Intoxicating leading to Vulnerability
  • The Ego’s Delusional Syndrome (EDS)
  • To Be Taken In
  • Obvious Traps vs Hidden Traps
  • The Emotions in Psychology
  • Intellectual Thoughts in Psychology
  • Boredom in psychology vs
    Mental boredom of the Spirit
  • Too much Pride
  • Criticism

The Consequences of becoming a Wizard or the Final Fusion

Becoming an Emissary

  • Partial Rupture with those of the 5th Race
  • New Alliances

Behavior towards Others and Attitudes of the Wizard

  • Faculties and Talents of the Wizard
  • The Black Sheep
  • Not Developing any Attitude

The Ways of The Wizard

  • A Vibratory Language
  • The Wizard Speaking in Authority
  • The Inner Science of Wizards
  • The Wizard’s Takeover of Human Destiny
  • The Wizard’s Real Will
  • The Wizard’s Actions and Reactions About the Astral World

The Reality of Wizards

  • The Film Now You See Me- Magic according to Psychology
  • The Inalterability of Wizards

The Consequences of the Presence of Wizards for the Unconscious

The Destiny of Wizards

  • The Invisible Government
  • Encounters of the 4th Type and Working in
    collaboration with certain Races from Outer Space

The Transfer of Powers and the Birth of a New Civilization

The Interception Power

Some Additional Comments about Wizards

  • Bernard of Montreal, one of the Great Wizards

The Limits of Knowing

Resonance and Assonance

Going Beyond the Ego’s Doubts

Confidences of an Apprentice-Wizard Having Doubts

Conclusion for This Chapter

Volume XV

Paranormal Phenomena


The Student T Curve

Explained Phenomena

Unexplained, Present Phenomena

Paranormal Phenomena

Sacred Places and Unique Regions of the Planet

Periodicity of Paranormal Events


Angelic Apparitions

Astral Travelling

Ghosts, Spiritism and Talking to the Dead



The Marian Apparitions

Cases of Possession

Mythical and Mystic Animals

Fantastic Beings

Déjà-vu Phenomena


Crop Circles

Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

  • The Kirlian Effect
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Levitation
  • Automatic Writing

Spontaneous Combustion


Vampires and Zombies

Magic Supernatural or Special Powers

The Magic of Antiquity

The Fantastic world of Super Heroes

The Dream World

Technologies of the future

Time Travel and Space Travel

Volume XVI

Technologies of the Future


The Power of Sound

  • Vibratory Alchemy
  • Control of the elements

Speaking to Animals

Blue Energy

Potential Energy Exploitation of the Atom

Ambient Telepathy

Seeing Invisible Dimensions

Being Visited

Systems of Telecommunication


  • Corridors of Energy or Worm Holes


Traveling at Supra-luminous Speeds

The Star Gate

Working with our Allies

Exploring the Infinity of Matter at the Atomic Level

Privileged Places on Earth

Volume XVII

My Personal Experiences


My First Astral Travel, or Flying like Superman

A Helping Hand to Destiny

Changing the Vibration of an Event

Sleep Paralysis

A Lesson in Integrity and Humility

A Major Life Shock, or Temporary Blockage
of the Contact with My Source


The Bus Accident

Chase Given to a UFO

The Great Explorers

Transcendental Meditation

First Experiences of extrasensory perception

Correcting Social Injustices

Caressing a Dream, and being Caressed in a Dream

Photo of The Virgin Mary

Astral traveling from 1980 to 1988

It’s like a Breach in Time

Paranormal Phenomena: Apparition, Déjà-vu, and Premonitions

A Remarkable Encounter : Bernard of Montreal

Balls of Light and Flying Saucers

Proof Given by the Higher Planes

Reactions from the Astral World following two important Conferences that

I gave in 1983

The Faculty of Seeing the Invisible World

Learning How to Fly in the Astral plane, or the Art of Travelling in the Subtle spheres

The Implantation of Blue Energy in my Throat Chakra

The Change of Plane or Dimension

Travelling at a Supra-luminous Speed, or My StarGate

Irradiation of Energy and Light

Voyage to the Centre of Earth and my Battle with Lucifer

Le Statut de la Liberté and its English translation, The Wizard of Us

Exorcizing the Demons in Her

Encounter with the Beings Responsible for The Future of the Planet

Stigma on the Heart

Being Studied and Observed during the Night by Beings from Another Dimension

Angelic Materialization

The Periphery Vision of the Mind

A Chance in a Hundred Billion

A Refuge Out of Sight or The Best Kept Secret

Example of Synchronicity

Conspiracy of the Planes to Create a Vibratory Shock

Meeting the Woman of my Life

Life Testing Me

Events of the Last Decade

Examples of Instant Comprehension and Reactions of the Spirit

Conclusion For This Chapter

Volume XVIII

Understanding My Experiences


My First Astral Voyage

Changing Class in Elementary School

The Manifestation of Real Will provoking a Change in Vibration

Sleep Paralysis


Vibratory Shock and Incapacity to Instantaneously Manifest the Connection with the Source

Discernment between Communication from our Source, And Astral Influences

The Bus Accident


The Great Explorers

Transcendental Meditation

The Exploration of Extrasensory Perception

Correction of Injustice

Caress of the Spirit

Manifestation of the Astral World

Astral Travelling

A Breach in Time

Paranormal Phenomena

Bernard of Montreal

  • Balls of Light
  • The Fox Tale
  • The Astral Empire Strikes Back
  • Opening of the Third Eye
  • Initiation through Dreams
  • The Blue Energy
  • Change of Plan
  • Stargate
  • Burns
  • Battle with Lucifer
  • Le Statut de la Liberté and The Wizard of Us
  • Exorcism
  • Deciding the Future of The Planet
  • Stigma on the Heart
  • Under Observation
  • Angelic Materialization
  • The All Seeing Eye
  • A Chance in 100 Billion
  • My Noah’s Ark
  • Synchronicity at its Best!
  • Interposition of Planes of Light in our Life
  • The Woman of my Life
  • Quebec’s SAAQ
  • Events of the Last Decade
  • Really Intelligent Behavior
  • Summary

Volume XIX

Precepts of Intelligence For beings in Evolution

Being too touchy or the art of nerve-wracking
General Principles of Intelligence
It's not normal to die
What has always been, only the form differs
There cannot have been a start
There will never be an end
All is transformation
Basically, nothing is serious in the eyes of the Spirit
However, everything is important and everything matters in life
Let's be patient and just know how to live our life
Uses of discernment
Let's listen to our little inner voice
Use the strength of our double with integrity
Let's learn to develop and go beyond our intuition
Let's understand the reason for our presence on Earth
Let us express the real Love of our Spirit

Volume XX

Authors, books, and some of those who raise Consciousness






Some of those who raise Consciousness

  • Jean Charron
  • Gregg Braden
  • Nassim Haramein
  • David Icke
  • Lilou Macé
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • David Wilcock

Volume XXI

Suggestions – Films and Series




Volume XXII


  • Blind faith paralyzes the Spirit
  • The only limit that human possesses is that one he can not push
  • The storms are not all outside
  • Life is more like a series of rollercoaster
  • Silence is gold and words are silver
  • The cure is better than prevention
  • The past is not a guarantee of the future
  • It jumps in the eyes of the Spirit !
  • Peace has not price

The Last Word

List of Internet Sites


Schemas and Illustrations

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