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This Digital product is Digitally Watermarked to protect and enforce copyright.

Watermarking is the process of integrating invisibly within a digital file, the information of the person who purchased the file with the following information:

1) Name of purchaser

2) Address of purchaser

3) IP address of purchaser

4) Date and time of purchase

5) Name of website where it was purchased

6) Owner of the copyright

7) Fingerprinting for individual tracking


Those purposes are to identify the original owner or author of the content, and to serve as a security precaution to discourage people from misusing the content.

As watermarks can be used to identify the original owner or author of the content, they discourage users from misrepresenting the content as if it was their own as well as unauthorized distribution. Watermarks conveys a message to the reader to warn or caution them from mishandling the content, such as sharing it illegally with unauthorized parties 

The forensic watermark functionality is designed to secure documents with their intellectual properties and proprietary information. If that information is leaked or shared, the owner can track and see when and who accessed the documents through the use of the dynamic watermarking feature.

If a copy of the digital file purchased is found online, it can be traced back to the intended recipient, and this person can be prosecuted, excluded from future distribution, or otherwise sanctioned.



Fair use provides an exemption on legal liability for the use of copyrighted materials. Reproduction or other means for criticism, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research is fair use and not an infringement of copyrights.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Michel Labrèche
Author and copyright owner

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