The Wizard of Us or the Sole Purpose: Book 4 Objectivity- Subjectivity? Reality vs truth!

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This chapter makes the point of the necessity to remain objective in our observations. It establishes that in fact there exists but one reality and that all truths are only a portion of reality.

Table of Contents

Reality vs truth!

The Myth of Plato’s Cave

The Ether vs the Physical Plane

The Theorem of God’s Perfection

The Image of God and Different Scales of Time

Multitude Truths

Religious Wars

Richard Bach, “Everything may be wrong”

The Difficulty in Remaining Objective

  • The Challenge of Staying Objective
  • The Relativity of Experience

Beauty: An absolute and a perfection of the structure

The Rose of the Little Prince (St Exupéry)

Being Able To See Only One Reality

Flying Above the Clouds

Development of the Ego, or its Artificial Creation

  • The Consequences of Incarnation on Earth
  • Experiments without Consciousness
  • Life in the Masculine (Yang) and Life in the Feminine (Yin)
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