The Wizard of Us; or The Status of Liberty (1995)

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“From the Spirit standpoint, there are no mysteries or miracles. The individual is responsible only to God and to himself. For those who have faith, meaning real faith, the impossible becomes possible; the unimaginable becomes potential reality, at the precise moment when the curtain of illusion is drawn away to reveal the perceptions of the mind.

It is very difficult to try to describe the essence of the universe. In the following pages, I will attempt to share with you my vision of life through the medium of words. Language definitely can be a handicap, since words do not have the same meaning for everyone. For example, for me the word god refers to universal energy, cosmic forces, essential source, centre of the universe, nameless infinity, and so on. Yet it has its own specific and different connotations for each person who employs it.
At the dawn of the 21st century, humanity has succeeded in creating a civilization which leads it to the far corners of the galaxy. Simultaneously, the human race explores the seas, the sky, and outer space, but…”

Excerpt From: Michel Labrèche. “the wizard of us - OR THE STATUS OF LIBERTY.” iBooks.

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