Daniel Marin : About

Daniel Marin is a self-taught Hispanic-German artist. His passion for science, philosophy, religions and ancient civilizations led him to a search for spirituality that we very naturally find in his inspirations. The strength and energy that Daniel Marin’s works radiate do not leave the viewer indifferent. If Pollock’s influence is obvious, Daniel Marin was able to give abstract expressionism a density and harmony of colors in which a singular personality radiates.

Mastering the art of dripping and tachism, the richness of his techniques can be seen in his use of oil, acrylic, spray, watercolors, pigments, emerald, amethyst, pyrite and 24K gold powder, as well as that of chrome.

He takes us into his universe where hues dance, express themselves and spread according to his feelings that can seem tormented but that reveal an almost real symphony in which we see a broad spectrum of sensations, landscapes and moods. The eye is seized, hypnotized by this whirlwind of energy and we plunge into his works with an intoxicating pleasure. We let ourselves be carried along by these powerful waves of painting that carry us and transport us outside time. Each viewer will find a resonance in them that vibrates in his or her own life and will return from this voyage with the feeling of having had a unique sensorial experience.

I invite you to open the door to Daniel Marin’s works. Under their confused appearances, you will find the keys to a vast world in which each color, each gesture  becomes the notes of a melody that will openly reveal itself to your senses.

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