Personal Sessions

In addition to personal or group workshops, modern technology like Skype allows us to virtually meet for individual sessions through video conferencing. The complete schedule will be available for consultation for those of you who would like a more direct and personalized communication.

Sessions will be limited to a period of 45 minutes. This will allow to us stay focused on the underlying subject an individual is discussing. You can always ask for 2 sessions in a row.

Clearly, I am not a therapist nor do I pretend to give advise or psychological counselling. As might be expected, throughout my quest for enlightenment, I have achieved a level of acute consciousness and it will be my pleasure to share my experience with anyone who is interested to do so. My understanding of the universe will highlight all the nuances and subtleties of life. My work is not about motivating or curing false perceptions of life but consists in being able to absorb life experience’s and provide you with useful hints and solutions so you can shine or manifest your own light in your everyday life.

My insights will reach receptive-minded and sensitive individuals. A person’s ability to assimilate fundamental notions will also help them to better their evolution.

Sessions will be available starting end of July 2020 onwards.

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