Advanced Technologies and Inventions

Domaine Le Sanctuaire des Lacs

Golden forest across the lake
Happy smile under the rainbow
Purity of the water of the lake
Santa Claus's reindeer
World over population
Tearing down old stuff to construct new stuff
My sister and her boyfriend vacation in Canada
Refreshing the thirst
Wonderful neighbors chatting about life
Turtle laying eggs on the South Shore
The deers leave early December
Deer feeder next to the house
Habitual migration lake in spring and fall
Only Electric motor both are allowed
Most of the houses cannot be seen from the lake because of the association rules and the vegetation
Fullness of the mind
No Chemtrails
For strolling down on the lake
Special patten permitting to row foward towards your destiination and not backwards
The main lake Lac Lemieux is really fully loaded with trouts